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August 19, 2017, 07:07:52 PM

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Michigan Natural Parenting Community is a private community for families who live in Michigan to find support and resources about the natural parenting lifestyle.  We have members from the entire spectrum of natural parenting:  from those who are practice only one or two aspects of natural parenting such as babywearing or home birth to those who live a very "crunchy" lifestyle (sustainable living, no vaccination, etc.).  All are welcomed to share their experiences and knowledge as well as ask questions and seek support.  We have both fathers and mothers who call MNPC home.  We look forward to meeting you!


If you are a new member, please ensure you have read the Terms of Use. It contains important information regarding your membership within the community. You can re-read the policy here >

Because we have a no-lurker policy in effect, we restrict membership to the introductory boards until you have reached 10 post count. Privacy is of utmost importance. By requiring new members to post 10 legitimate posts before allowing access to the main boards, we can know that you are a REAL person.

We've made it easy to achieve 10 legitimate posts quickly. New members must post an introduction within a week of registering. We also have the Icebreaker forum with lots of easy to participate topics. Don't be shy!


Be sure to check out the new features of the community: articles, shoutbox, and more! The forum is continuously being tweaked and expanded to serve your needs. And don't forget to send all of your friends this way!   

The MNPC Team

Local Groups

Ann Arbor Babywearers

Detroit Natural Parenting Group (new website soon)

Grand Rapids Natural Parenting Group

Grand Rapids Babywearing

Lansing Babywearers

Traverse City Natural Parenting (coming soon)
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